Keynote Speaker 1:
Prof.  Mohamed  A. Mashina
Professor (retired) at Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. Faculty of Engineering.University of Tripoli.
Brief biography:
He earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1984. He has about (45) years of experience in various fields as he worked as a professor at the University of Tripoli’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He also served as Dean of the College of Engineering and then as President of the University of Tripoli. He was appointed as the consultant of Energy Affairs for the President of the Government of National Accord, and he also chaired the board of directors of DAMA Engineering and Technology. He Contributed to the development of numerous academic curricula for several higher institutes of mechanical professions as well as the Naval Academy.He also served on the planning committees for several local scientific conferences. He has nearly (40) research papers published in refereed scientific journals and at local and international conferences.
Lecture title : 
Electricity in Libya .. Reality and prospects for solutions

Keynote Speaker 2:
Prof. Abdel Magid  Hamouda
Professor and the Associate Dean for Academics, College of Engineering, Qatar University.
Brief biography:
He is Professor and the Associate Dean for Academics, College of Engineering, Qatar University. Prior to this in 2006, Dr. Hamouda was Head of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Director of Gas Processing Center, Qatar University, and Dean of College of Engineering, Qatar University. Dr. Hamouda has published over 400 articles, of which over 200 are in well-reputed international journals. During last five years, he and his team were granted Four US Patents. Most recently Dr. Hamouda was listed in Top 2% highly cited researcher in the world by Stanford University and Elsevier, USA.
Dr. Hamouda is currently leading major initiatives including Electrical Vehicle Demonstration car at Qatar University, which is funded by Japanese company Marubeni.
Lecture title : 
Towards digital economy: robotics and artificial intelligence.

Keynote Speaker 3:
Dr.: Khalid I. Alzebdeh
Associate professor in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University-Oman.
Brief biography:
He gained Ph. D. in Engineering Mechanics, Michigan State University, USA, 1994.
He worked as postdoctoral fellow in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University & Georgia Institute of Technology for three years. He is associate professor in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University, from May 2011 up to Present. Time.Dr. Alzebdeh has published more than 10 articles, in well-reputed international journals.
Lecture title :
Natural fiber reinforced polymer composites: development and challenges

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